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The false accusation of a sexual crime is itself a crime, devastating to the lives of victims. Even when they’re able to prove their innocence the damage from the lie lingers, permanently tarnishing reputations, destroying careers, tearing families apart, triggering both suicide and murder. is dedicated to raising awareness of the problem and to putting perpetrators in the public eye.

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Compensating for failures in the criminal justice system by identifying false accusers! Anyone proven to have made a false allegation should have a place here!

  •  Saskia Hargrave
  •  Hannah Sandover
  •  Elissa Ennis


Nobody knows exactly how often false accusations of sexual crimes happen. The research is varied. Some data suggests between 2%-10%*. Some estimates are much higher.** Regardless of what percentage is correct, or the reasons*** it happens, we know that like rape, one false accusation against an innocent person is too many. The impact is devastating. Unfortunately, our system of criminal justice, our politicians and our media don’t take the problem seriously, so little is done about it. One woman actually made 15 false claims of rape before legal action was taken against her.****

It is in the public interest to create and permanently maintain a registry identifying these threats to society.



Whenever you encounter legitimate news stories about criminal convictions for false allegations or public recanting of sexual assault claims with an admission of guilt, please use our convenient form and send us those stories. If the information proves valid, we will register her, making a permanent public record of her wrongful actions.

It's Not a Victimless Crime

Someone Missing From Our Pages?

Someone Missing From Our Pages?

Do you know of a verified case of false allegation who's not listed here? Let us know!