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Veritas Curat - Truth Cures

The experience of being falsely accused could be likened to being thrown overboard on a ship at sea.  Suddenly you have lost your foundation, your bearings and your safety. This is why the Register Her badge is decorated with the international symbols for man overboard and assistance needed. 

These international symbols reflect the worldwide state of danger for men victimized with false accusations.  The Latin phrase “veritas curat” translates to mean “truth cures.”  In false accusations the truth is needed to rescue victims and to shine a light the perpetrators.

Register Her is dedicated to raising awareness of the problem of false allegations of sexual crimes, and to educating the public about the suffering the problem inflicts.

We are also committed to shining a light on the perpetrators and overcoming resistance to recognizing the problem, 

All perpetrators listed in this directory have either been convicted in a court of law or have made a public proclamation, admitting to their destructive lies.

Register Her is not in the business of making false allegations. Under no circumstances will we ever list an offender in this directory without incontrovertible proof of guilt.

If you feel someone is listed in this directory in error, do not hesitate to let us know at [email protected]

Someone Missing From Our Pages?

Someone Missing From Our Pages?

Do you know of a verified case of false allegation who's not listed here? Let us know!